The HBRI Difference

The founders behind HBRI and HBRI itself have been incredibly successful at achieving specific objectives as outlined by our overall mission. Our goal is to bring national attention to the concerns facing communities across this great country. We are committed to being a voice for business owners and families alike, Through our strategic outreach activities we have the ability to motivate Americans to better not only their personal lives, but also to make a difference in their community.

Our fundamental philosophy is that personal contact can provide invaluable information that can be used to help provide strategic guidance. In our past projects over 85% of our data has come from direct contact with individuals and an ability to get them to trust our members with their conversations.

A Need for Action

In today’s ever partisan environment the thoughts of business leaders find themselves with an increasingly difficult task of breaking through to important stakeholders. When examining what sets successful national movements for change apart from those that fail to reach their maximum potential one thing stands out. The ability of the movement to form strategic alliances with across a multitude of stakeholders to provide “third party” validation of the cause. In many cases, these alliances work to achieve the same end goals but oftentimes use other strategic indicative to bolster the movement as a whole.


Like every successful organization, HBRI does not believe that “cookie cutter” projects will not meet all of our objectives. What we strive to do is work with strategic partners to examine strategic needs that we can use to bolster the HBRI’s vision. In the past, HBRI has had great success in the following areas.

  • Targeted Data Collection
  • Door to Door
  • Phone Contact
  • Events
  • Digital
  • Targeted Education Outreach
  • Ballot Question Education
  • Candidate Specific Education
  • Non-Partisan Voter Participation Education
  • Public Events and Forums
  • Stakeholder Endorsements
  • Elected Official Endorsements/Statements
  • Letter Campaigns 

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